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Careful Management Makes All the Difference at Harvest

November 2, 2016

Seymour, WI: Harvest in many parts of Wisconsin has proven to be no easy task, but with the strengths of NK® Corn at full display, retailer Zac Soltvedt has been able to keep a positive perspective.

“We have seen many of the NK Corn hybrids yielding top of the line with competitors,” Soltvedt said.

The best results are coming from fields where growers closely manage their crops. Preventative maintenance, he said, can have a big impact on yields. With a range of soil types and microclimates in Wisconsin, Soltvedt said he advises his customers to make sure they really know their fields’ properties and local conditions when selecting seed. For example, growers who have fields with dense clay soils should be sure to plant hybrids with fibrous roots. NK Corn hybrids N31H-3000GT and N35T-3110 brands have been particularly effective in Wisconsin’s clay soils, he said.

“This year’s yields are starting to stack up to be better than last year’s,” Soltvedt said.

Agronomic image of corn

Taking a prescriptive approach to planting and careful management throughout the season can translate into better yields at harvest.

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