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California Wine Grape Growers: Begin Mealybug Monitoring

July 28, 2017

At the Hickman, CA, Grow More Experience site, we have begun to see increased activity from mealybugs, a common insect in wine grapes in this area of California.

This agronomic image shows grapes damaged from mealybugs.

When mealybugs feed on wine grapes, they damage the grape and leave behind a sticky honeydew residue that causes mold to grow and attracts ants. In a few places at the Hickman site, ants were beginning to infest the area where mealybugs had damaged the grapes on the vine.

It’s important to check your vines often for any signs of mealybugs. Look for groupings of the insects around vines and grapes. You’ll notice them clustering up in colonies. To help protect the grapes from mealybug damage, consider Platinum® 75SG insecticide to keep mealybugs from beginning to feed on the grapes.

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