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California Almond Trials Focus on Blossom Blight, Naval Orangeworm

July 28, 2017

In our almond disease management trial at the Hickman, CA, Grow More Experience site, we are testing the efficacy of a wide range of fungicides against early- and late-season diseases. We are already seeing instances of shothole and brown rot blossom blight. There is a clear distinction between the trees that are untreated versus those that have been treated with a fungicide.

This agronomic image shows shotholes in almonds.


Blossom blight is one of the most devastating diseases an almond tree might encounter because it can kill an entire stem. In order to get ahead of this disease, the first recommended fungicide application should be just before bloom in the pink bud stage. Vangard® fungicide will reduce the risk of blossom blight.

This agronomic image shows blossom blight in almonds.

Blossom blight

As the season progresses, we expect that diseases such as alternaria, anthracnose, green fruit rot, rust and scab will begin to spread.

Manage Insects to Protect Nuts

Our almond insect management trial focuses on protection against navel orangeworm and mites. We are currently evaluating May sprays of Minecto® Pro insecticide. So far, it shows excellent early-season control of navel orangeworm and spider mites. As almond hull split begins, apply products like Besiege® insecticide (recently registered for use on almonds) to prevent navel orangeworm from laying eggs in the hull.

Stay tuned for more information about the progression of and protection against diseases and insects in this trial throughout the season.

To learn whether Minecto Pro is approved for use in your area, visit this page. For more information, talk to your Syngenta representative.

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