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CA Grape Disease Control Made More Complex with Winter Rains

June 13, 2017

Heavy powdery mildew last year and rains this year suggest more disease pressure from powdery mildew can be expected in this season’s grapes.

According to  University of California Integrated Pest Management Program, powdery mildew can survive from season to season, in rain and humid weather, and causes splitting of the fruit and reduced growth for grape crops.

Botrytis bunch rot is another disease likely to be problematic in California due to the heavy winter rains. Humidity in the summer months only adds to the likelihood of this disease impacting fields. Once infected, grapes split and spread spores to surrounding berries.

Thorough fungicide coverage before rain can help prevent infections.

Syngenta offers Inspire Super® fungicide to aid in powdery mildew and Botrytis management. Featuring a combination of two fungicides for resistance management, it provides excellent rainfastness and flexible application options.

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