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Bushels for the Grower, Enzymes for the Ethanol Plant

October 27, 2016

Tomah, WI: Although Enogen® Corn may be known for its unique characteristics, to grower Arlen Simonson, it’s also simply a great crop.

“No matter where we planted it, the Enogen corn just looks good,” Simonson said. “I love it.”

Enogen corn enzyme technology is an in-seed innovation available exclusively from Syngenta, featuring the first biotech corn output trait designed to enhance ethanol production. It offers alpha amylase directly in the grain, eliminating the need for ethanol producers to source liquid amylase and keeping the dollars they would spend elsewhere in their local communities instead. Growers, meanwhile, are eligible to earn up to a 40-cent-per-bushel premium for Enogen grain delivered to participating ethanol plants.

Simonson said he takes pride in being able to be an enzyme supplier for his ethanol plant and making a difference locally. The yields don’t hurt, either: Although it was still early in his harvest when the Harvest Chasers met with him, Simonson had already seen Enogen hybrid E092T4 brand yield 240 bu/A – a solid number in his book.


Combining his fields on a sunny October day, Arlen Simonson recalled one of his grandfather’s favorite sayings: You can only grow one thing at a time – corn or weeds. “It would be awesome for him to see today’s yields,” Simonson said.

All photos are the property of Syngenta or used with permission.

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