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Bouncing Back from Weather Woes in Ohio

August 18, 2016

Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to Ohio growers this season, as farmers across the state are dealing with low amounts of rainfall in their fields. At the Marysville Grow MoreTM Experience site, we are facing the same challenges. In fact, since we planted on April 19, the site has received less than six inches of rain in total. This hot and dry growing season is taking its toll on the plots, but some interesting results are still emerging in our trials.

Herbicide and Fungicide Trials

The Syngenta herbicide portfolio, despite the little moisture present to activate herbicides, has been resilient. Weed pressure continues to be held off remarkably well, allowing crops the chance to survive despite poor weather conditions.

In addition, many growers believe that with such a low moisture level, disease pressure is also lower. As visitors to the site can see, the Trivapro® fungicide corn trials are far outperforming competition and untreated plots, producing noticeably healthier leaves and fuller canopies.

Pest Updates in Ohio

Due to the weather patterns in Ohio, growers should keep an eye out for Japanese beetles, grasshoppers and spider mites, which are already being spotted in parts of the state. Continue to scout your fields for insect pressure, and protect your corn and soybean yields from these pests.

To schedule a visit to the Marysville site, contact your Syngenta representative.

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