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Boost Plant Health to Reduce Stress in Soybeans

February 22, 2021
this agronomic image shows soybean leaves

From harsh environmental conditions to disease pressure, soybeans are often under stress during the growing season. In attempting to hold up against these challenging stressors, soybeans may waste valuable energy needed for yield production, which could negatively impact your ROI.

Since we can’t predict what the 2021 season will hold, it’s important to be proactive and set your soybeans up for success. One way to do this is by controlling in-season diseases and giving your soybeans a boost in plant health. A visibly greener, healthier plant with more pods means you have a better chance of hitting the desired number on your yield monitor.

When the right fungicide is applied, soybeans could experience plant-health benefits such as:

  • Improved water-use efficiency, which can reduce the rate of water loss and leaf curling for better drought tolerance.
  • Protected photosynthetic efficiency, which maintains chlorophyll energy production to help pod fill.
  • Prolonged greening, which increases green leaf area to help prevent soybeans from dying down early.

For better plant health you can see, we recommend applying Miravis® Neo fungicide. Powered by Adepidyn® technology and azoxystrobin, Miravis Neo is the only product on the market with 2 active ingredients that deliver plant-health benefits. Plus, it provides superior control of key soybean diseases like frogeye leaf spot, brown spot and white mold (suppression) to help deliver more bushels more often.

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