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Bicyclopyrone: Faster Knockdown and Enhanced Weed Control in Corn

March 31, 2022
clean, weed-free corn rows

Clean Midwest corn rows; 2018

As soon as you plant your corn, weeds start competing for vital resources like nitrogen, sunlight and water. That means yield potential is compromised from day 1 if you don’t start with clean, weed-free fields. The solution? Manage tough weeds quickly using quality herbicides with enough residual to last through crop canopy and beyond. An effective weed management program means less weeds, which prevents unnecessary competition for resources and protects corn’s yield potential.

The breakeven point for corn is already smaller than ever, so protecting yield potential will be increasingly important as profit margins tighten further. Maximizing every acre with good weed control helps ensure you’ll get the most return on your investment.

A Unique Tool to Combat Tough Weeds

For faster knockdown and enhanced weed control in glyphosate-tolerant corn, we recommend Acuron® GT herbicide. Acuron GT is the first and only glyphosate premix that contains the unique ingredient bicyclopyrone (BIR). BIR offers:

  • Better burndown activity for post-emergence applications.
  • Better control on large-seeded broadleaf weeds.
  • Improved length of residual control.

Collectively, BIR and the other 3 active ingredients in Acuron GT help fully protect yield potential and minimize the weed seed bank for next year’s crop. This also results in more bushels per acre than any other post-emergence-plus-residual herbicide in corn1, and more bushels per acre means more money in your pocket.

For optimum yield protection, we recommend using Acuron GT early post-emergence, before weeds reach 4” in height, in a planned 2-pass program following preemergence applications of Lumax® EZ, Lexar® EZ, Bicep II Magnum®, Bicep Lite II Magnum® or Dual II Magnum® herbicides.

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1Acuron GT delivers up to 8 bu/A more than any other post-emergence-plus-residual herbicide based on 16 internal Syngenta and external head-to-head trials, (HBI007A-2020US): CO, IN, KS, MI, NE, SD, TX, VA, WI, MO-1, MO-2, OH-1, OH-2, AR-2, IL-2, MN-2; 2020.

All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

Performance assessments are based upon results or analysis of public information, field observations and/or Syngenta evaluations. Trials reflect treatment rates commonly recommended in the marketplace.