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Beware of Hull Rot During Almond Hullsplit

May 24, 2018

Almonds are vulnerable to hull rot from the time hulls begin to split until the hulls dry. The fungi (Rhizopus stolonifer and Monilinia) produce a toxin that kills the shoot, causing the attached leaves to wither and die a few weeks before harvest. To spot hull rot, look for tan fungal growth on the hull surface or black fungal growth inside the hull.

Because the disease affects the shoot, once hull rot invades an orchard, the effects can be felt for years. That makes controlling hull rot early essential to overall orchard health. Proper water management is one of the best ways to avoid disease outbreaks, including reduced irrigation at the beginning of hullsplit and draining any excess water away from trees.

Applying a fungicide containing azoxystrobin like Quadris Top® fungicide at hullsplit provides excellent control of hull rot and helps minimize the stress of harvest, protecting the tree’s genetic yield potential. A tree that has been proactively protected from disease will be a healthier tree going into next season.

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