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BeSure! to Observe Regulatory Best Practices

May 18, 2021

The Growing Matters coalition is reminding farmers to read and follow the label to help maximize product efficacy and keep wildlife safe.

It’s never too late for a reminder about observing stewardship best practices when using treated seeds. Product labels are trusted sources of information. Even if you read the label last year, BeSure! to check it out with every new purchase and follow the instructions. The label lists precautions, including proper storage, use and disposal details, guidance about drift and pollinator protection, and applicator safety information, to keep you and surrounding wildlife safe. By following the label, you’re helping to protect pollinators and improve stewardship practices.

Listen to Caydee Savinelli, pollinator and stewardship team lead, as she discusses best management practices when using crop protection products with Brownfield Ag News:

With registered crop protection products, it’s essential to follow all local and state regulations and ensure proper employee training prior to application. This includes:

  • Using the product at the appropriate labeled rate with the proper timing and placement, because using pesticides below the labeled rate could result in loss of efficacy and contribute to pest resistance.
  • Relying on state or county departments of agriculture or local crop advisors, which can provide information about insect pollinator protection and product stewardship.
  • Leveraging tools provided by states, such as GIS mapping programs or flags for apiary locations.

By reading and following the product labels, you are well on your way to achieving proper pesticide use. BeSure! that you continue to observe regulatory best practices even after treated seeds are in the ground. Remember to responsibly dispose of any extra treated seed from this season. Small quantities should be returned to original seed lot containers for storage and subsequent planting within the growing season. With large quantities, BeSure! to consult with state and local authorities to ensure disposal plans are in compliance with all appropriate regulations.

BeSure! to check out more tips from the Growing Matters coalition. For additional information about regulatory best practices, please visit www.growingmatters.org/besure.

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