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Before you plant, plan to protect your potatoes

January 29, 2016

With potato planting approaching rapidly, it’s important to set a solid foundation to protect your investment from disease and insect pests. You can improve your potato crop stand, vigor and yield potential all before planting with a seed treatment, an excellent way to protect the crop right from the start and well into the season.

For the best early-season protection, a liquid seed treatment is your best bet. Liquid seed treatments provide accurate coverage and a more uniform distribution. They are easy to calibrate and thoroughly cover the seed piece, offering strong protection against insects and diseases. By working on cut, precut and uncut seed, liquid seed treatments offer something for everyone, especially since they also fit a wide range of treating and planting operations. Additionally, liquid seed treatments save time and money since very little product is lost during application.

Syngenta offers excellent activity against a broad spectrum of insects and diseases with CruiserMaxx® Potato Extreme seed treatment insecticide/fungicide. With the powerful combination of three liquid active ingredients and a drying agent, CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme provides uniform coverage along with precise application for maximum seed protection against insects and diseases.

For additional protection against tough-to-control early-season diseases, consider an in-furrow application of Elatus® fungicide. Elatus delivers enhanced, early-season control of soilborne diseases, and provides excellent control of Rhizoctonia resulting in improved emergence, more uniform crop stand, enhanced crop health and optimized distribution of tuber size. Elatus also contains built in resistance management, with the only in-furrow technology that contains a proven strobilurin and third generation SDHI fungicide.

Diseases and insects can appear early, and without warning, so be on guard and get an early-season management plan in place before they become a problem.

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