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Avoid Botrytis in Grapes This Summer

June 14, 2017

Expected tropical moisture this summer creates conditions conducive to Botrytis infections in grape crops. Botrytis causes blighted shoots, leaves and fruit. Growers in the Western region can be proactive and decrease the risk of disease by:

  • Managing canopy density
  • Protecting against insects that can open entry wounds for the disease

Western Farm Press reports that in addition to these management practices Allison Ferry-Abee, University of California Cooperative Extension area viticulture advisor, suggests protective fungicide applications at bloom.

Syngenta offers Vangard® WG fungicide, a dual activity fungicide that can inhibit leaf penetration and growth of pathogens within plant tissue. This long-lasting fungicide provides protection before and after infection with no cross resistance to other fungicide classes.

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