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Arkansas Site Highlights Weed Control and Root Health

August 25, 2016

This July, Syngenta hosted a Grow More™ Experience event in Bay, Arkansas to showcase some of their premier products for use on corn, soybeans and cotton. During the event that took place over three days, customers, growers, retail partners and media outlets, got the chance to walk in the fields to see and touch the trials.

While Bay hasn’t faced much disease pressure throughout the season, diseases were just starting to creep into the fields during the event, so customers got a first-hand look at the kind of power Syngenta products have against insects, weeds and diseases. Syngenta can customize the treatments and have them interact directly with diseases to demonstrate how the products really work.

Some of the products highlighted during the tour were:

  • NK® Corn hybrids and NK Soybean varieties
  • Corn herbicide and fungicide trials showing control against southern rust
  • Soybean fungicide trials combating frogeye leaf spot
  • Soybean and cotton seed treatment test plots

The two most notable demonstrations at the event showcased the power of Acuron® herbicide. In a comparison of treated rows with those that were untreated, customers left saying that they were impressed with how clean corn rows were after being treated with Acuron.

During the Syngenta Seedcare portfolio demonstration, products like Vibrance® seed treatment fungicide showed just how powerful it can be underground. In a comparison trial, agronomists showed growers how seeds treated with Vibrance promoted a more robust and fuller root system compared to untreated seeds.

To experience these trials in person, contact your Syngenta representative  to visit the Bay site.

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