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Arkansas Sees Highest Fall Armyworm Levels in Years

September 1, 2016

Too much rain may be the main headache for growers in the mid-south, but there are a few pests that growers should keep an eye on too. According to Dr. Gus Lorenz, extension entomologist with the University of Arkansas, stinkbugs, including red-bandeds, and loopers are present in fields. However, the most impressive pest threat Arkansas growers are currently facing is the fall armyworm. While fall armyworms in Arkansas may not be unusual, these extremely high levels are. The numbers Lorenz is seeing across the state are incredible—the highest he has seen in his career—and could be even worse in September.

To battle these armyworm invasions, Lorenz recommends an insecticide with residual control like Besiege®. Besiege provides excellent knockdown and long-lasting residual of the most difficult-to-control lepidopteran pests and other economically important pests. Its convenient premix formula contains two active ingredients with complementary modes of action for dual protection against key insect pests.

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