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Are You Prepared for Northern Corn Leaf Blight in 2018?

May 11, 2018
This agronomic image shows Northern corn leaf blight

Northern corn leaf blight is a disease to keep a close eye on in 2018. While Illinois ACES researchers continue to work to identify how the pathogen causes the disease in the plant to help develop better hybrid resistance, for now fungicides are the best management option if Northern corn leaf blight shows up in your field.

Early identification of this disease is key. Purdue University Extension researchers say the earlier the disease develops in corn, the larger the potential yield loss. They’ve noted up to 30% yield loss in some hybrid corn when Northern corn leaf blight lesions are present prior to tasseling.

Scouting tips:

  • Iowa State University Extension agronomists recommend scouting for Northern corn leaf blight as early as V15.
  • Northern corn leaf blight pathogen overwinters in the soil and crop residue, so look for the first signs of disease on the lower leaves of the canopy.
  • The most noticeable symptoms of Northern corn leaf blight are the long elliptical (cigar-shaped) lesions it creates on the plant leaves.
  • Lesions first appear grayish-green but soon turn ashy gray.

Don’t take Northern corn leaf blight lightly. If you spot Northern corn leaf blight when scouting this season, we recommend applying Trivapro® fungicide. With broad-spectrum preventive and curative disease control and the longest-lasting residual available, Trivapro will help stop Northern corn leaf blight, protect stalk integrity for improved harvestability and save yield in 2018.

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