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April Showers Bring … Corn Diseases?

May 4, 2017

With scattered wet conditions greeting planters across the Delta, it might be difficult to think further into the season about what this means to your crops. But if you’re gazing at your planter through raindrops, now is the time to make a disease management plan.

Proactively monitoring for and controlling key diseases throughout the season has lasting effects that can help your bottom line, even in times of tight commodity prices. Disease infection can severely damage a crop. It causes plants to focus on defense rather than growth. This can impact stalk strength, ear size and kernel production. Disease destroys green tissue, restricting the plants’ ability to convert sunlight into energy and thus die prematurely.

We saw last season the dramatic implications of lack of disease control. In Kentucky, an application of Trivapro® fungicide at R1 kept disease at bay to help the crop stay greener longer, as evidenced in the photo below. By protecting the green leaf tissue of the plant, Trivapro allowed the crop to put more energy toward producing yield instead of fighting disease. The added protection from Trivapro led to a yield increase of 60 bu/A.1

This agronomic photo shows the difference between Trivapro-treated corn and untreated corn.

Similar results were seen across the Delta – from 23 bu/A yield bump over untreated in Arkansas to longer-lasting disease control that preserved green leaf tissue in Louisiana. See these results here. Then check out the “Not Afraid To Work” landing page to see how Trivapro performed on other crops and across other areas in regards to:

  • Stronger stalks
  • Higher yield performance
  • Better crop health
  • Enhanced grain quality

1Disclaimer: Revenue calculations based on commodity prices of $3.50/bu corn.

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