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Application Timing for Maximum Corn Fungicide Benefit

April 14, 2021
Gray leaf spot in corn

Gray leaf spot in corn.

Fungicides are a strategic investment to achieve a high-yielding corn crop. Diseases such as Northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot can be devastating to crops, and a well-timed fungicide application helps keep them under control, allowing corn to focus on its job of producing high yields.

One of the most important factors when using corn fungicides is application timing. According to Syngenta agronomy service representative Travis Gustafson, having a fungicide applied before disease appears is critical, because if we wait until we see the disease, it has already damaged the crop and may impact yield.

The University of Kentucky provides more insight into ideal corn fungicide application timing. Foliar fungicides applied at tasseling or early silking (VT-R1) provide the most optimal disease control, as well as the best chance for seeing a yield response, while early vegetative stage applications are less likely to provide an economic return. There is a cut off, however, as applications that occur at the brown silk phase or later may be too late for the fungicide to provide its full range of benefits.

Corn fungicide applications at R1 do more than just protect against diseases. By providing additional plant-health benefits, they can also help corn:

  • Use water more efficiently.
  • Preserve soil moisture.
  • Improve CO2 assimilation and nitrogen utilization.
  • Extend the grain fill period.

When comparing fungicide products, it is important to choose one with proven residual activity to span the time between application and potential disease onset. We recommend Trivapro® fungicide, which has long-lasting residual control as well as broad-spectrum preventive and curative disease protection against key foliar corn diseases. Trivapro also has excellent plant-health benefits, including green leaf preservation which enables plants to better recognize full yield potential by maximizing photosynthesis.

With hardworking Trivapro fungicide applied at the right time, growers will have a head start on yield-robbing corn diseases.

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