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Agrisure Artesian Stands Out on SD Soils

October 31, 2016

Britton, SD: For Lee Schneider, farming runs in the family. After graduating from South Dakota State University in 1980, Schneider joined his father on their century-old farm raising beef cattle, and growing corn and soybeans.

“We have around 300 acres of corn, 600 acres of soybeans and 100 head of cattle, so I stay pretty busy,” Schneider said with a chuckle.

Schneider has worked with his Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor™, Renny Tank, for 25 years. It all started with a single bag, but now he plants 100% Golden Harvest Corn and NK® Soybeans.

He was still in the middle of harvest when the Harvest Chasers caught up with him, and while he didn’t have yield results yet, he was particularly impressed with his Agrisure Artesian® hybrids, which maximize yield when it rains and increase yield when it doesn’t. They appeared to have thrived despite a drought earlier in the season, even in some of his more difficult soils.

“This is my second year with Artesian™ hybrids, and I definitely see a benefit to them,” Schneider said. “I’m a real promoter of them, especially for gumbo or salty ground.”

Agronomic image of corn

Lee Schneider has been farming for more than three decades and today grows exclusively Golden Harvest Corn and NK Soybeans.

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