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Are adult stink bugs a concern for corn crops?

May 2, 2016

The simple answer? Yes.

Stink bugs overwinter in protected areas (field edges, crop residue, etc.) as adults. In early spring, they emerge to feed on weeds and crops, and lay eggs for future generations that will continue to build over the summer. No-till corn can be at significant risk due to the residue from last year’s crop which offers a great overwintering environment.

Stink bugs feed on plant fluids by inserting their needle-like mouth parts into stems and leaves, and simultaneously inject materials into the plant to aid in digestion and sap removal. Severe suckering can cause significant damage to corn crops. Since symptoms start appearing a couple of weeks after the initial injury, it’s important to get in the fields early to check for adult stink bugs before the damage is done. Often times, stink bug damage can be confused with herbicide damage, since the bug has moved on from that spot.

How should growers control this pest?

Post-emergent applications of Warrior II with Zeon Technology® insecticide are very effective. Warrior II with Zeon Technology delivers the combination of consistently reliable performance, modern formulation technology, and long residual for fast knockdown and residual control of the most damaging insects.

As always, diligent scouting is very important and properly timed applications are necessary for control.

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