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Acuron Herbicide Stands Above in Corn Trials

March 1, 2021
A view of the corn and soybean trial plots at our Lamartine, WI, Grow More™ Experience site

A view of the corn and soybean trial plots at our Lamartine, WI, Grow More™ Experience site. Photo taken August 2020.

In 2020, trials at our Grow More Experience site in Lamartine, WI, highlighted just how stubborn weeds are in the region and how the bicyclopyrone component of Acuron® corn herbicide enhances its other active ingredients to deliver improved management and greater consistency than competitive herbicides.

One of the trials at Lamartine compared Resicore®, Harness® MAX, Lumax® EZ and Acuron corn herbicides head-to-head to see which performed best on the area’s toughest weeds.

The video below was taken in August 2020. At the time, corn was nearing canopy and several broadleaf and grass weeds were still thriving after treatments of Resicore or Harness MAX, and, to a lesser extent, Lumax EZ.

In comparison to the other herbicide treatments, the row treated with Acuron looked clean.

Bicyclopyrone is a unique component that is one of 4 active ingredients found in Acuron. Combined with the other active ingredients, bicyclopyrone enables Acuron to deliver more powerful and more consistent management of tough weeds across soil types and geographies. That superior management prevents weeds from stealing nutrients, water and sunlight from the crop and leads to higher yield potential, with Acuron outyielding competitive corn herbicides by 5-15 bu/A*. Calculate what those extra bushels could mean for your revenue potential.

In this trial, each of the other herbicide products struggled to effectively manage the toughest broadleaf and grass weeds in the Upper Midwest. Acuron set itself apart from the competition with long-lasting residual that held up against even the most difficult weeds.

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