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Acuron Flexi corn herbicide receives EPA registration

February 12, 2016
Agronomic image of young corn field

Weed resistance is expanding and becoming increasingly difficult to manage. A more robust product that can be used across different geographies and soil types is needed now more than ever. Growers looking to control their toughest weeds with flexibility have access to Acuron® Flexi corn herbicide from Syngenta now that it has received registration from the federal EPA.

Acuron Flexi features three active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, and two modes of action to deliver a multi-targeted approach to control tough weeds. Bicyclopyrone provides burndown plus residual, which delivers improved and more consistent control of large-seeded broadleaf weeds in corn. By allowing for application from 28 days pre-plant up to 30-inch corn, Acuron Flexi provides the flexibility growers need to best suit their fields.

Growers in certain areas of the Corn Belt will find this product especially appealing, since they are limited from using atrazine because of carryover. The adaptability offered by Acuron Flexi, coupled with its long-lasting, consistent residual control and rotational flexibility, make it an exciting new solution for controlling problem weeds.

To learn more about Acuron Flexi, please visit www.SyngentaUS.com/AcuronFlexi. Here you will find assets showcasing the step change in weed management Acuron Flexi delivered in 2015 trials, downloadable resources and more. State registrations for Acuron Flexi are still pending.

For complete details about the availability of this herbicide, contact your local Syngenta sales representative. Join the conversation using #toughweeds and connect with us at social.SyngentaUS.com.

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