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A Strong Herbicide Program Has Staying Power

October 25, 2020
This agronomic image shows a clean soybean row

Weed-free corn row

Throughout the season, you should be on the lookout for yield-robbing weeds. Different weeds germinate at different times all year long, and season-long coverage can help you keep them at bay. Your corn herbicide program should contain the following essentials to protect your yield potential:

In our weed herbicide series, we’ll explore all of these benefits more in-depth. In the post below, we focus on the importance of long-lasting residual control to keep the soil seed bank free of weed seeds.

Build a Powerful Defense that Lasts

When faced with the big, bad wolf of resistant weeds, you don’t want to rely on unstable support to defend your corn yield, as it can quickly be blown away. You need a solid wall of defense to provide long-lasting protection against tough, yield-robbing weeds. By layering levels of residual control with a full-time herbicide, you can build up reliable, continual protection to keep fields clean and protect your yield all season long.

Maximizing residual length through well-timed applications will minimize the possibility of uncontrolled weeds wreaking havoc on corn rows and adding to the weed seed bank. Plan a herbicide program featuring overlapping residuals to help ensure weeds are managed throughout the entire growing season and prevent weed escapes from going to seed.

Here’s why overlapping your residuals is so important:

  • Weeds have the potential to take root and start growth if there is a break in treatment and coverage.
  • There’s a greater risk of weeds becoming resistant if they are able to emerge between treatments.

Sarah Lancaster, Ph.D., assistant professor and extension specialist at Kansas State University, says if weed management is a battle, preventing additions to the soil seed bank effectively reduces the size of the opponent’s forces, giving you the upper hand. However, allowing weed escapes to go to seed allows the opponent to increase the size of their forces. That’s why a long-lasting residual is crucial to protect your yield potential.

Acuron® corn herbicide delivers unmatched burndown and residual control of more than 70 tough grass and broadleaf weeds until crop canopy and beyond. Acuron contains 4 active ingredients, including the unique component bicyclopyrone, and 3 effective sites of action for the longest-lasting residual weed control with built-in resistance management.

Season-long weed control helps fully protect yield potential and minimize the weed seed bank for next year’s crop, and fewer weed seed in the soil bank will give you a better shot at starting the next season clean.

This image shows herbicide comparisons

The unique combination of longest-lasting residual, proven crop safety and powerful weed control mean only Acuron can unlock corn’s full yield potential. When applied preemergence and at the full labeled rate, replicated Syngenta and university trials show Acuron outyields competitors by 5-15 bushels an acre because it controls tough weeds other products miss.*

Calculate the extra revenue potential you could find next season with Acuron.

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*Acuron yield advantage range based on 2016 Syngenta and university replicated trials comparing Acuron to Corvus®, Resicore®, SureStart® II and Verdict® applied preemergence and at full labeled rates. For more information on Acuron versus an individual product, ask your Syngenta representative.