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2016 Syngenta Cereals Tour Highlights New Technology

August 3, 2016

While the goal of cereals growers has largely remained unchanged – produce the best and most plentiful crop with the technology at hand – the technology used to aid their production continues to evolve. On July 10, approximately 15 Syngenta employees from the U.S. and Switzerland met in Fargo, ND, for the first leg of a four-day Cereals Tour to evaluate product performance, particularly that of the new Talinor™ cereals herbicide, in trials.

Talinor is a selective, post-emergence herbicide with two active ingredients and two different modes of action for control of broadleaf weeds in all varieties of spring wheat, winter wheat and barley. Talinor is not currently registered for sale or use in the United States and is not being offered for sale. EPA registration is anticipated for 2016, with sales to begin in 2017.

Here’s what they saw:

Day 1 (Monday, July 11)7.11.16_Untreated_check_with_Kochia_pressure_(Left)_vs._Talinor_(Right)_in_Fargo,_ND[1]

Untreated check with kochia pressure (Left) vs. Talinor (Right) in Fargo, ND.

Day 2 (Tuesday, July 12)


Talinor (Left) vs. untreated check (Right) with kochia, lambsquarters and redroot pigweed pressure in Colorado.

Day 3 (Wednesday, July 13)


Tour participants evaluate Talinor performance in wheat in Bozeman, MT.


Untreated check with hairy nightshade pressure (Left) compared to Talinor (Right) in Idaho Falls, ID.

Day 4 (Thursday, July 14)


Clean Talinor plot (Left) compared to untreated check with mayweed chamomile and tarweed pressure (Right) in Pullman, WA.

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©2016 Syngenta. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status. Talinor is not currently registered for sale or use in the United States and is not being offered for sale. Talinor™, the Alliance Frame, the Purpose Icon and the Syngenta logo are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company.