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  • A image showing weeds on an agronomy blog.

    Don’t Overlook These Corn and Soybean Weeds

    Weeds have the ability to lay dormant in corn and soybean fields during winter months. With the aggressive weed pressure seen in 2016, it’s especially important to prepare for the 2017 season with a plan of action in place. Growers can expect the following weeds to be problematic again this season: Palmer amaranth: This weed produces 10,000 to 100,000 seeds per plant and can grow up to 8 feet tall. It thrives in no-tillage systems…

An agronomic image showing a clean vs. giant ragweed-filled field.
An agronomic image showing common ragweed a competitive weed.
An agronomic photo showing marestail in a field.
A graphic of kochia on the agronomy blog.
A graphic of pigweed on the agronomy blog.
Agronomic image of wheat fields and herbicide resistance