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  • Protecting Cotton Herbicides

    In the herbicide world, sticking only with what works today may render it useless tomorrow.  This is true for new herbicide tools and those already in use. Several articles published by Delta Farm Press focused on information presented at Pigposium 3, a recent herbicide resistance meeting in Forrest City, AR. Weed scientists addressed the audience about a variety of topics surrounding the challenges of weed resistance, including how rapidly resistance can develop, the threat of…

This agronomic photo shows a cotton seed care demonstration planting in Bay, Arkansas.
This agronomic photo shows planting demonstration plots for the Grow More Experience site.
This agronomic photo shows a close up of the kochia weed.
Foxtails - Weeds in Wheat Fields
Wheat Beauty Shot
This agronomic photo shows a close-up of weeds with the hashtag, "ResistanceFighter."