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  • This agronomic image shows frozen soybean fields in the Midwest.

    Finalize Your Soybean Weed Management Plan While Ramping up for Planting

    Cold temperatures in the Midwest cause planting delays. Following up on our earlier post, here are some late-planting tips – specific to weed control – for you to review while waiting for temperatures to rise in the Midwest. With planting delayed in the Midwest, this is a good time to solidify your weed management plan to help your soybeans grow strong. Late-planted soybeans are more vulnerable to early- and late-season diseases, and inadequate weed control…

This agronomic image shows Snow-covered fields in Dows, IA.
This agronomic image shows soybeans ready for harvest.
This agronomic image shows corn rows ready for harvest.
This agronomic image shows corn affected by corn ear tip back.
This agronomic image shows a rain gauge with just over 5” of rainfall from April 26 through May 2, 2017
This agronomic photo shows growers assessing wet conditions in Southern Illinois soybean fields.