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  • Predicted Wet Summer Favorable for Frogeye Leaf Spot

    The Climate Prediction Center predicts above-average rainfall over the next three months in the Central and Northern Plains. High rainfall and warm summer temperatures favor frogeye leaf spot (FELS) development in soybeans. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln adds that rain, in addition to wind, can also help disperse FELS spores, spreading the infection. Untreated (top) and Trivapro R3 (bottom) Source: Joe Wuerffel, R&D. *Based on 9 large plot trials in the U.S. in 2016 FELS infection…

This agronomic photo shows the weed wild oats.
This agronomic photo shows horseweed (marestail).
This agronomic photo shows a close up of the kochia weed.
This agronomic image shows a bean leaf beetle.