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  • This agronomic photo shows the weed wild oats.

    Weeds to Watch in Barley and Wheat: Kochia, Wild Oat

    Caption: Wild oat in a wheat field. Kochia and wild oat are two of the toughest, yield-robbing weeds in barley and wheat and require effective management. Listen as Brent Lackey, Syngenta product lead, herbicides, explains why each is a weed to watch out for:       Weed: Kochia An erect (0.3-1.5 m tall) profusely bushy branched annual with fine textured foliage. Seedlings are often, but not always, pink underneath. The seedling forms as a…

This agronomic photo shows horseweed (marestail).
This agronomic photo shows a close up of the kochia weed.
This agronomic image shows a bean leaf beetle.
Foxtails - Weeds in Wheat Fields
This agronomic photo shows frogeye leaf spot on soybean leaves.