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  • This agronomic image shows waterhemp.

    Waterhemp Beware: Multiple Modes of Action Deliver Control

    Missouri: Growers in Clarksdale and Pattonsburg, MO, named waterhemp as one of their toughest weeds in corn. Waterhemp is difficult to control because it: Germinates throughout the season Grows up to one inch per day Produces up to one million seeds per plant Left uncontrolled, a few waterhemp plants can easily become hundreds or thousands of waterhemp plants in subsequent seasons. Caption: Clarksdale, MO: Acuron 2.5 qts/A with atrazine and glyphosate applied 17 days after…

This agronomic image shows corn rows treated with Acuron and rows treated with only altrazine.
This agronomic photo shows young waterhemp.