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  • Proven Branded Seed Treatment vs. Generic Custom Blend

           CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans                      Generic custom blend                         Generic custom blend Consistent formulation of CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans makes for a more even distribution on the seed. With planting already underway in the deep South or quickly approaching, it’s time to start finalizing input decisions that will affect the results of your growing season. Although generic custom blend seed treatments are typically less expensive than branded…

Seed treated soybean pods.
This 2017 map shows the states where there is a high infestation of Soybean cyst nematode.
this agronomic image shows soybeans.
This agronomic image compares roots between CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans and competitors.
This agronomic photo shows a black and white photo highlighting generic-blend dust off from seed treatment.
This agronomic image shows soybeans treated with CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans seed treatment.
This agronomic image shows combines harvesting wheat.
An agronomic image showing cotton.