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  • This agronomic image shows young soybean plants.

    Fight Weeds with a Faster Speed-to-Canopy

    Young soybean plants. With weeds being such a large threat to soybeans, it’s important to start managing them before they begin to grow. Weeds usually germinate with the soybean plant, which makes it difficult for the soybean plant to outgrow the weed. When weeds are present, they compete with your soybean plants for nutrients, which can ultimately lead to decreased yields. In addition to using an effective herbicide program, planting treated seed can help promote…

This agronomic image shows gummy stem blight damage on watermelon.
This agronomic photo shows potatoes.
This agronomic image shows soybean seedlings.
This image shows grower Patrick Daugherty.
This agronomic image shows a dry beans plot.
This agronomic image shows a map of the Midwest where Southern rust has been spotted.