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  • This agronomic image shows gummy stem blight damage on watermelon.

    Systemic Fungicides Enhance Gummy Stem Blight Control

    Gummy stem blight control, a primary focus in the 2017 University of Florida IFAS Extension and Clemson University Cooperative Extension Watermelon Spray Guides, will likely continue to be a top concern for extension specialists in 2018. In a media release issued by Clemson announcing their release of the 2017 guide, researchers pointed out a major change to recommendations which now emphasize the importance of systemic fungicides to gummy stem blight management. Data discussed in the…

This agronomic photo shows potatoes.
This agronomic image shows soybean seedlings.
This image shows grower Patrick Daugherty.
This agronomic image shows a dry beans plot.
This agronomic image shows a map of the Midwest where Southern rust has been spotted.
This agronomic image shows chardonnay grapes.