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  • This agronomic issues shows clean soybean rows.

    Tank-Mix Herbicides Offer More Weed Management Options

    In the battle against resistant weeds, researchers say one of the most important management strategies is diversifying your herbicide program by using multiple effective sites of action (SOAs). If you only apply early or late post-emergence herbicides with just 1 SOA, resistance can lead to weed control failure in as few as 2 years. By comparison, adding a pre-emergence herbicide with 2 effective SOAs can delay resistance for up to 2 decades in most cases….

This agronomic image shows weeds from 1 inch to 4 inches.
This agronomic image shows Northern corn leaf blight
This agronomic post shows catchweed bedstraw seeds.
This agronomic image shows a soybean field.
This agronomic image shows a field being sprayed with herbicide
This agronomic image shows soybean seedlings.
This illustrated image shows a green peach aphid.
This agronomic image shows a planting field in the Midwest covered in snow.