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  • Watch for Blight and Leaf Spot Diseases in Corn Across Southern Great Plains

    With areas of the Southern Great Plains experiencing dramatic weather events, we must remain vigilant in protecting corn from additional stress by monitoring for potential disease infections, such as Northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) and gray leaf spot (GLS). Some common identifiers for NCLB and GLS include: NCLB Gray and elliptical shaped lesions that gradually turn tan GLS Small, brown or tan spots surrounded by a yellow halo Elongated, rectangular shaped spots Fuzzy, gray fungal…

This agronomic photo shows corn infected by gray leaf spot.
This agronomic image shows corn leaf infected by northern corn leaf blight.
This agronomic image shows a rain gauge with just over 5” of rainfall from April 26 through May 2, 2017
An agronomic image with corn seedlings begining to sprout.
This agronomic image shows a flooded field.