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  • This agronomic image shows discoloration of soybean leaves from spider mites.

    Scout for Spider Mites on Soybeans in Southern Illinois

    Caption: Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site: Spider mite feeding takes a toll on plant health. As spider mites feed, they puncture hundreds of holes in the cells of soybean leaves, draining plant moisture and leaving a trail of discolored foliage. Southern Illinois has been hot and dry for nearly a month, causing concerns about spider mites in soybean fields. Spider mites thrive in hot, dry conditions and can cause significant foliar damage in large…

This agronomic image shows common rust on corn.
This agronomic image shows corn rows treated with Acuron and rows treated with only altrazine.
This agronomic image shows soybeans treated with CruiserMaxx Vibrance.
This agronomic photo shows planting demonstration plots for the Grow More Experience site.