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  • This agronomic image shows a diamondback moth caterpillar.

    Control Diamondback Moth Population to Protect Brassica Crops

    Diamondback moth caterpillar When left unchecked, diamondback moth infestations can cause severe stunting in brassica crops. Per the University of California extension, diamondback moths can damage the crowns or growing points of young plants, stunting growth and resulting in financial loss for growers. Diamondback moth populations tend to increase in the spring and early summer, so now is the time to consider management options. Insecticides are an effective way to manage diamondback moths. During the…

This agronomic image shows gummy stem blight damage on watermelon.
This agronomic image shows corn affected by corn ear tip back.
This agronomic image shows pepper crops.
This agronomic images shoes phytophthora on tree roots.
This agronomic image shows fall weed management in California orchards.
This agronomic image shows the squash variety called Grandprize.