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  • This agronomic image shows pepper crops.

    Protect Vegetable Crops from Chewing Pests

    With a wide variety of insects in Arizona and California, vegetable crops are constantly susceptible to attack. With yield and crop-quality in danger, make a pest management plan to protect fields. When addressing pests, it’s important to recognize what you’re up against. Some common insects found in vegetables include: Blister beetles Corn earworm Grasshoppers Tomato hornworms Thrips Combatting these lepidopteran and chewing insects can be difficult. When faced with these bugs, we recommend Besiege® insecticide….

This agronomic images shoes phytophthora on tree roots.
This agronomic image shows fall weed management in California orchards.
This agronomic image shows the squash variety called Grandprize.
This agronomic image shows a walnut field with a reduced amount of weeds from using Broadworks herbicide.
This agronomic image shows chardonnay grapes.