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  • An agronomic image with corn seedlings begining to sprout.

    Evaluating Corn Conditions during Stand Counts

    Planting is underway across the Midwest, and corn growers are eagerly awaiting the first signs of emergence. Once seedlings have reared their heads and produced 3-4 leaves, it’ll be time to conduct early-season stand counts to identify potential concerns with population and spacing. These stand counts are a great way to take note of a crop’s condition so far, especially considering the wet conditions that many growers have experienced this spring. It’s also a way…

This agronomic image shows a flooded field.
This agronomic photo shows a kochia weed.
An agronomic image showing the effects of sudden death syndrome on soybean plants.
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An agronomic photo showing wheat diseases.
A image showing weeds on an agronomy blog.
An agronomic photo showing soybean plants.