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  • This agronomic image shows a flooded field.

    What All This Moisture Means for Corn

    If you feel like you haven’t seen consistently sunny skies in a while, you’re not alone. It’s been a wet few weeks throughout the U.S., reducing drought areas to record lows. While that may be good news overall, with extra moisture also comes flooding and standing water in fields. For corn growers who have already finished planting, flooding in fields poses a danger to root development that can make crops more susceptible to later-season drought….

This agronomic photo shows a kochia weed.
An agronomic image showing the effects of sudden death syndrome on soybean plants.
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An agronomic photo showing wheat diseases.
A image showing weeds on an agronomy blog.
An agronomic photo showing soybean plants.
An agronomic photo showing sugarbeet seedlinegs.