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  • This agronomic photo shows the weed palmer amaranth.

    Mid-Season Tough Weed: Palmer Amaranth

    Caption: Palmer Amaranth Out of a number of problematic weeds to watch for, Palmer amaranth remains a top threat across most soybean- and corn-producing regions. Purdue University characterizes Palmer amaranth as a particularly problematic weed because of its ability to produce 100,000 to 1/2 million seeds per plant, easily disperse its seeds and compete aggressively with crops by growing 2 to 3 inches per day. Palmer amaranth is unpredictable – it can emerge at any…

This agronomic photo shows horseweed (marestail).
This agronomic photo shows planting demonstration plots for the Grow More Experience site.
This agronomic photo shows a close up of the kochia weed.
This agronomic image shows a bean leaf beetle.