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  • This agronomic image shows a walnut field with a reduced amount of weeds from using Broadworks herbicide.

    Weed Out Your Walnut Orchard

    In the walnut weed management trial at the Hickman, CA, Grow More Experience site, we are testing the efficacy of Broadworks™ herbicide. This pre-emergence herbicide trial showcases some of the most visual differences in weed control, comparing Broadworks to untreated and competitor products. At the trees in the foreground in the photo above, you can see the residual weed control of Broadworks on the left compared to a competitor’s product on the right, more than…

This agronomic image shows a whitefly.
This agronomic image shows a Japanese beetle.
This agronomic photo shows sweet corn in the field with tassels.
This agronomic image shows combines harvesting wheat.