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  • Resistant Lettuce Varieties Help Protect Against Downy Mildew

    Downy mildew poses a serious threat to growers across all lettuce producing regions. However, growers can take steps to protect their crops from disease pressure by understanding the threat and selecting the best trait package when choosing lettuce varieties. Combined with a comprehensive crop protection program, resistant varieties can help growers avoid key lettuce diseases such as downy mildew Downy mildew epidemics develop in dry conditions followed by humidity, and can destroy lettuce crops. As…

This agronomic image shows stripe rust on wheat.
This image shows an illustrated almond tree in bloom.
This illustrated image shows the insect pear psylla.
This agronomic image shows corn rust on untreated corn.
This agronomic image shows a cut tobacco stem, exposing blackened necrotic pith.
This agronomic image shows gummy stem blight damage on watermelon.
This agronomic image shows a soybean field.