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  • Use Harvest to Evaluate Corn Rootworm and Plan Defense

    Although corn rootworm (CRW) pressure has been low in many areas this season, there’s no guarantee how long that will last, nor that it holds true for all cropping situations. Corn-on-corn and certain soil textures tend to be more conducive to CRW. Historically, CRW is the most destructive corn pest in the United States, costing growers more than $1 billion annually in reduced grain yield and control measures. Damage from CRW includes underdeveloped root systems,…

This agronomic image shows Southern corn rust on corn leaves not treated by Trivapro.
This agronomic image shows a map of the Midwest where Southern rust has been spotted.
This agronomic image shows soybean plants.
This agronomic image shows northern corn leaf blight.
This agronomic image shows common rust on corn.
This agronomic photo shows sweet corn in the field with tassels.