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  • This agronomic photo shows a close-up of weeds with the hashtag, "ResistanceFighter."

    Top 10 Weed Resistance Management Stewardship Principles

    Dicamba, the new tool in the soybean weed management toolbox, will improve control of certain weed species. But, it won’t revive the days of a post-emergence-only weed control program. Those days are history, and from them, growers have learned an important lesson: Misusing technology will result in an early expiration date. To prolong the efficacy of existing herbicides – like dicamba – for future generations of growers, keep these resistance management principles in mind: Do…

This agronomic image shows a rain gauge with just over 5” of rainfall from April 26 through May 2, 2017
An agronomic image with corn seedlings begining to sprout.
This agronomic image shows a flooded field.
A image showing weeds on an agronomy blog.
An agronomic image showing a clean vs. giant ragweed-filled field.
An agronomic image showing common ragweed a competitive weed.