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  • This agronomic photo shows the weed wild oats.

    Weeds to Watch in Barley and Wheat: Kochia, Wild Oat

    Caption: Wild oat in a wheat field. Kochia and wild oat are two of the toughest, yield-robbing weeds in barley and wheat and require effective management. Listen as Brent Lackey, Syngenta product lead, herbicides, explains why each is a weed to watch out for:       Weed: Kochia An erect (0.3-1.5 m tall) profusely bushy branched annual with fine textured foliage. Seedlings are often, but not always, pink underneath. The seedling forms as a…

This agronomic photo shows a kochia weed.
An agronomic photo showing wheat diseases.
Agronomic image of stripe rust in wheat fields