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  • An agronomic image showing common ragweed a competitive weed.

    Knock Out Early-Season Weed Competition

    March’s above-average temperatures in the Midwest will continue into spring and early summer, according to the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. Summer annual weeds, such as kochia, giant ragweed, common ragweed and common lambsquarters, will likely take advantage of these favorable weather conditions and emerge earlier than normal. The Iowa State University Extension recommends that growers minimize the risk of early-season weed competition by using a pre-emergence residual herbicide to reduce the number of weeds and…

An agronomic photo showing soybean plants.
An agronomic photo showing sugarbeet seedlinegs.
An agronomic image of a sugarbeet.
An agronomic photo showing marestail in a field.
An agronomic image featuring early season corn.
A graphic of pigweed on the agronomy blog.