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  • Control Corn Rootworm with Added Convenience

    Corn rootworm (CRW) is a tiny pest that can take a big bite out of a farm’s bottom line. Each year, it is estimated to cost U.S. corn growers more than $1 billion, so it’s important to have highly effective insecticides to control the pest before it damages corn. Using a robust soil-applied insecticide is an effective way to manage the risk of CRW damage year after year. Growers looking for that superior control of…

This agronomic image shows a grower scouting wheat fields.
This agronomic image shows the weed kochia in a wheat field.
This agronomic image shows combines harvesting wheat.
This agronomic image shows a field of AgriPro SY Grit, a hard red winter wheat variety.
This agronomic image shows corn rust on untreated corn.
This agronomic photo shows corn fibrous, modified, and penetrating roots.