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  • Timing Herbicide Application

    An effective weed control program depends heavily on well-timed herbicide applications, in addition to cultural practices. Failing to apply a herbicide at the right time could result in wasted input costs, weed infestations and reduced yield. Factors determining the timing of post-emergence herbicide applications: Crop growth stage: Follow labels to avoid crop injury. Weed growth stage: Scout fields regularly and treat weeds before they reach 4” in height. Weather: Pay attention to weather, and refer…

This agronomic image shows a grower scouting wheat fields.
This agronomic image shows the weed kochia in a wheat field.
This agronomic image shows combines harvesting wheat.
This agronomic image shows a field of AgriPro SY Grit, a hard red winter wheat variety.
This agronomic image shows corn rust on untreated corn.
This agronomic photo shows corn fibrous, modified, and penetrating roots.