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Irrigated or not, corn performance impresses

Mt. Olive, North Carolina: Higher than normal temperatures during the growing season doesn’t necessarily equate to lower yields. In fact, for grower Gill Cashwell, he experienced the opposite.

On a recent trip to his farm, Cashwell explained to the Harvest Chasers that he annually sets yield goals for both his irrigated and non-irrigated fields. This year, he hoped the irrigated acres would yield around 200 bushels per acre (bu/A), while the non-irrigated ones were estimated to garner yields much lower.

But once Cashwell began harvesting, he noticed something exciting. NK Corn® hybrid N78C-3111 brand planted on the non-irrigated fields produced yields of nearly 200 bu/A.

“NK Corn hybrid N78C-3111 brand did really well this year,” Cashwell said. “That’s even without irrigation. We were really surprised at how well it did and we look forward to planting more of it next year.”

When the team spoke with Cashwell, he mentioned some of the challenges he faced this season including weather. “The temperatures hurt us more than the dry weather,” he said. Despite the weather, NK Corn hybrid N78C-3111 brand still left him pleasantly surprised.

The hybrid features the Agrisure Viptera® 3111 trait stack, which controls key above- and below-ground insects. It proved to be useful to him this season. “We haven’t noticed corn borer or corn earworm as much,” said Cashwell. “It was really helpful.”

KMGM Harvest Chasers - Mt. Olive, NC

Taking a break from harvesting, grower Gill Cashwell shows off some healthy ears of NK Corn hybrid N78C-3111 brand.

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