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Second-year NK Soybeans grower pleased with performance

Salisbury, North Carolina: For 20 years, farmer Frank Small has been successfully growing NK® Corn. After observing years of success with the brand, Small took his Syngenta sales representative’s suggestion and planted NK Soybeans as well.

In 2014, Small planted NK Soybean varieties alongside a competitor variety in a test plot. At the end of the growing season, he recalled two NK Soybean varieties that out-performed the competition.

KMGM Harvest Chasers - Salisbury, North Carolina Combine

The Harvest Chasers hopped in the combine with grower Frank Small to talk about his 2015 harvest.

After the success of his first season with NK Soybeans, Small took it one step further by growing NK Soybean varieties in his fields. This year, he planted NK Soybeans S52-Y2 brand, a variety that delivers excellent stem canker resistance and offers good tolerance against iron deficiency chlorosis. Another variety planted on his farm, NK Soybeans S49-F8 brand, provides excellent frogeye leaf spot and Southern stem canker resistance, strong standability, and a very good green stem rating.

Unfortunately, when the Harvest Chasers stopped by, he hadn’t yet started harvesting his soybeans this year. However, Small said that he anticipates an average similar to last year’s test plot, about 50 to 52 bushels per acre.

“The weather has not been too great,” Small explained. “But we saw 52 bushels last year and that was under pretty dry weather. I was really pleased with the [performance] of the beans.”

KMGM Harvest Chasers - Salisbury, NC Grower Headshot

After being a loyal NK Corn grower for many years, Small began planting NK Soybeans in 2014.

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