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A package to grow more corn delivers

Manilla, Iowa: It’s nothing but tall, strong stalks for grower and Syngenta Seed Advisor™ Alan Hall. For the past 11 years, he’s been planting Golden Harvest® hybrids, saying they produce high yields, strong stalks and few issues with pests.

This year, he planted Golden Harvest hybrid G14R38-3000GT brand and it produced yields averaging around 250 bushels per acre. Hall praised the hybrid’s standability despite the area’s high winds.

KMGM Harvest Chasers - Action Shot

Hall (left) steps down from the combine to speak with his Syngenta Seed Advisor Manager, Matt Hosenfelt about the progress of his harvest.

He also attributed his solid crop performance to his application of Quilt Xcel® fungicide at tassel.

“Syngenta has great products,” Hall told the Harvest Chasers on a recent trip to his fields. “They truly have a package to help grow more corn. Other companies claim that they can do that but they don’t all have the resources.”

Hall seamlessly applies his positive experience with Golden Harvest hybrids in his role as a Syngenta Seed Advisor. He said it isn’t difficult to find a hybrid that’s a good fit for his customers’ fields. “[Golden Harvest] has the best return on investment,” he said. “They have a fair price and high-yielding products, and the company’s portfolio is second to none.”

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