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While others struggled, these soybeans stayed the course

Bellflower, Missouri: Weather can be a farmer’s best friend or worst enemy. For one Missouri grower, his soybean varieties came through despite the area’s less than ideal weather conditions.

This spring, the region faced extreme moisture, raising many concerns. When the Harvest Chasers recently chatted with Lucas Rodgers about his growing season, he said local yields were all over the board. However, he saw positive NK® Soybean yields in his area.

Rodgers told the team about two varieties that stood out to him. NK Soybeans S39-U2 brand has been a trusted variety for Rodgers in the past and the same rang true this season. He described NK Soybeans S39-U2 brand as a consistent variety that performs well in a multitude of field conditions and always measures up to the competition.

“We know we could put [NK Soybeans S39-U2 brand] underwater and wouldn’t have to worry much about sudden death syndrome (SDS),” said Rodgers. “It really does well against SDS.”

In addition to his NK Soybeans staple, Rodgers planted a small portion of his acres with NK Soybeans S39-C4 brand. He was more than pleased with the results. It produced an average of 65 bushels per acre (bu/A) and Rodgers is already looking forward to growing more of the variety next year.

”We saw about a four to five bu/A boost with NK Soybeans compared to competitor products,” said Rodgers. “And in years where we’ve had bad SDS, there’s been an even bigger yield difference with NK Soybeans.”

KMGM Harvest Chasers - Bellflower MO

NK Soybeans came through despite grower Lucas Rodgers’ less than ideal planting conditions.

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